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Can your skin get too acclimated to certain products, making them less effective?

Or is it all in your head?
You dip into a new serum and love it the first time you use it. The formula works wonders on your tricky skin and gives your complexion a truly dazzling glow. In love, you use the bottle religiously for several months ... only to find that your skin looks less radiant and less extraordinary when the pages of the calendar are turned. Are you imagining things or have you become immune to your skincare routine?


the term for a possible tolerance towards a medication. In this case, the body can change signaling pathways at the molecular level in such a way that the product no longer works. But wait! Don't throw away your entire beauty arsenal just yet - tachyphylaxis is very rare in general skin care and typically only occurs with topical steroids for conditions like psoriasis and eczema. There are a variety of factors that can explain why a product appears to be less effective.
You always get the strongest visible result to a product the first time you use it. This means that over time, while the product continues to work, the visible results have reached their maximum potential and may be more difficult to notice.
You are now entering in a maintenance phase….
We are all guilty to forget where we started from and what were the results…
But once in a while you might have really affected the potency of your product, how?

Visible Result vs. Full Potential vs. Maintenance

Introducing a destabilizing ingredients/technique to your routine

Some ingredients are hyper fragile and can be degraded by other ingredients and loose their potency. Peptides degrade easily, and Vitamin C famously loose all potency in plenty of situation. Always try to respect a couple of minutes between layer and if your loved product stop working after you introduce a new product to your routine, might be interesting to look into the formulas... if you’re a serial skincare switcher-upper, you might be using a mix of ingredients that don’t play well together. For example, benzoyl peroxide will oxidize vitamin C and should not be used together. Vitamin C and retinoids are better used separately (morning and evening) as they can become extremely irritating when used together.

For A Better Routine:

Gentle and deep cleaning

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Overpowered moisturizer

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As the seasons change and your skin dries, it becomes increasingly difficult for your busy serums and lotions to navigate through dead skin cells. Changes in your external environment, such as Exposure to cigarette smoke, household chemicals, or even the sun can increase free radical damage to your skin. This causes your products to have to work twice, making it appear less responsive. Remember that certain ingredients can lose their effectiveness over time due to destabilization (i.e. opening and closing the lids every day). Over time and depending on how the products are stored, the active ingredients can separate or break down. Always store the products in a cool and dry place and close them immediately after use

Your environment could also be to blame.

Special case : Retinol

And some ingredients are special cases, like retinol. Most people think that retinoids become less effective over time, but their skin just becomes more tolerant to the ingredient; even without redness or peeling. The product still works; They simply have no ill effects.
once or twice a week to remove layers of dead skin cells and allow the active ingredients to penetrate more deeply.

before applying anything for best results.

free radical damage can slow down skin cell turnover, resulting in dull, dry skin with increased fine lines and wrinkles. Always, apply SPF 30 or higher year round. YOU ARE NOT A SKINCARE BARTENDER Always consult a dermatologist if you have questions about your routine.

Ways to ensure your products are more effective

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